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Updated November 7, 2011


2009 DFG Longfin Smelt Incidental Take Permit Actions Pertinent to DWR

Flow Measure 5.1: Maintain/Terminate/Resume Flows


Minimization Measure 6.1: Longfin Smelt Entrainment at MIDS


Minimization Measure 6.2: Maintenance, Inspection, and Reporting at the Skinner Fish Facility


6.2.1: Skinner Fish Facility Improvements


Minimization Measure 6.3: Fish Salvage Procedures

6.3.1: Notification


6.3.2: Consultation


6.3.3: Export Rates


Minimization Measure 6.4: Fish Screen Maintenance and Reporting


Mitigation Measure 7.1: Intertidal/Sub-tidal Habitat Management


Monitoring and Reporting 8.1: Funding IEP Monitoring Efforts


Monitoring and Reporting 8.2: Funding Incidental Take Monitoring Efforts


Monitoring and Reporting 8.3: Reporting of Salvage Information


Monitoring and Reporting 8.4: Fish Screen Monitoring Programs


Monitoring and Reporting 8.5: Skinner Fish Facility Monitoring Program


Funding 9.1: Funding for PAR Analysis


Funding 9.2: Funding for Required Mitigation