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salmon and fish tag

Updated November 7, 2011

2009 NMFS Biological Opinion Actions Pertinent to DWR Technical Teams Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

1.2.2.C Implementation and Exception Procedures for EOS Storage of 1.9 MAF or Below


1.2.6 Restore Battle Creek for Winter Run, Spring Run, and CV Steelhead


Action Suite I.6: Sacramento River Basis Salmonid Rearing Habitat Improvements


1.6.1 Restoration of Floodplain Rearing Habitat


1.6.2 Near-Term Actions at Liberty Island/Lower Cache Slough and Lower Yolo Bypass


1.6.3 Lower Putah Creek Enhancements


I.6.4 Improvements to Lisbon Weir


I.7 Reduce Migratory Delays and Loss of Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon at Fremont Weir and Other Structures in the Yolo Bypass


Action Suite IV.1 Delta Cross Channel (DCC) Gate Operation, Engineering Studies of Methods to Reduce Loss of Salmonids in Georgiana Slough and the Interior Delta

IV.1.1 Monitoring and Alerts to Trigger Changes in DCC Operations


IV.1.2 DCC Gate Operation


IV.1.3 Consider Engineering Solutions to Further Reduce Diversion of Emigrating Juvenile Salmonids to the Interior and Southern Delta, and Reduce Exposure to CVP and SWP Export Facilities


IV.2.1 San Joaquin River Inflow to Export Ratio


IV.2.2 Six-Year Acoustic Tag Experiment


IV.2.3 Old and Middle River Flow Management


Action Suite IV.4 Modification of the Operations and Infrastructure of the CVP and SWP Fish Collection Facilities

IV.4.2 Skinner Fish Collection Facility Improvements to Reduce Pre-screen Loss and Improve Screening Efficiency


IV.4.3 Tracy Fish Collection Facility and Skinner Fish Protection Facility Actions to Improve Salvage Monitoring, Reporting and Release Survival Rates

    1) Release Site Predation Study (PDF 6.3 mb), and
    2) An Evaluation of Mortality and Injury in a Fish Release Pipe (PDF 1.5 mb)

IV.5 Formation of Delta Operations for Salmon and Sturgeon (DOSS) Technical Working Group

IV.6 South Delta Improvement Program—Phase I (Permanent Operable Gates)


13.3 Reasonable and Prudent Measures