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About DWR - Environmental Planning and Information

Represent the Department in the Suisun Marsh Preservation Agreement.

Primary Programs/Projects

  • Develop scientific data and solutions to specific Suisun Marsh issues related to operation of the State Water Project
  • CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program to implement the CALFED Record of Decision.
  • Provide support to Bay-Delta Science Consortium, Interagency Ecological Program, and various State and federal agencies in data management

Suisun Marsh Planning

  • Uses numerical models of the Bay-Delta system to assess impacts on Bay-Delta hydrodynamics and salinity.

Suisun Marsh Compliance and Monitoring

  • Responsible for implementing the water quality monitoring under the SWRCB D-1641
  • Ensure the projects are in compliance with the SWRCB objectives for the Suisun Marsh

Interagency Information System Services

  • Support data management for the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP).