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Yolo Bypass Fish Monitoring Program: Water Quality

Water quality data compliments fish and lower trophic monitoring data, providing information on the physical conditions influencing the distribution and abundance of biota . Continuous (15 min) temperature data is collected at the Rotary Screw Trap and the AL2 site in the Yolo Bypass, and at Sherwood Harbor in the Sacramento River.  At Lisbon Weir, several water quality parameters are monitored with a multiparameter sonde.

Discreet water quality parameters are also collected during fish and lower trophic sampling events. For more information, refer to pages on the other components of the Yolo Bypass Fish Monitoring Program

Water Quality Work


water quality map


  • Temperature loggers (Sherwood Harbor, AL2, Rotary Screw Trap)
  • Multiparameter sonde (Lisbon Weir)

Year Sampling Began

  •  1998 (Rotary Screw Trap, Sherwood Harbor)
  • 2013 (AL2, Lisbon Weir)

Current Sampling Season (since 2011)

  • Year-round

Current Sampling Frequency

  • 15 minute interval