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Draft Conservation Strategy

Conservation Strategy

The Conservation Strategy currently being developed is an important component of the 2017 update of the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan. It is an informational document that identifies specific tools and approaches to restore natural areas to benefit fish and wildlife as part of a sustainable flood management plan. Taking an integrated approach increases public benefits for every dollar spent.

The Conservation Strategy and CVFPP as a whole support two of the key actions identified in the California Water Action Plan, in particular increasing flood protection and protecting and restoring important ecosystems.

On October 9, the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB) held a public workshop on the Draft Conservation Strategy, focused on summarizing public comments received and outlining next steps for Conservation Strategy and CVFPP development. For more information about the workshop, and to view the meeting agenda, please visit the CVFPB website.

Comments on the Draft Conservation Strategy and Appendices are now available.

You may view the Draft Conservation Strategy and Executive Summary at the links below.