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Regional Advance Mitigation Planning (RAMP)

Regional Advance Mitigation Planning (RAMP) takes a long-range, regional approach to mitigation. By working on a regional level, rather than project-by-project, state and federal agencies can work together to offset the environmental impacts of several planned infrastructure projects at once. By taking a long-range approach, agencies will work in advance to identify regional mitigation opportunities. The RAMP approach makes it possible for agencies to anticipate mitigation requirements early in the project planning and environmental review process before the projects are in the final stages of approval, resulting in a more efficient and effective planning process..

DWR is an agency member of the RAMP Work Group which includes other state and Federal agencies.

The CVFPP's RAMP approach is inspiring similar cooperative efforts in other areas of state planning. Caltrans' Statewide Advance Mitigation Initiative (SAMI) dedicates $5 million annually to transportation project planning, and The Strategic Growth Council is currently assisting in creating regional planning documents for the High Speed Rail Authority. To find out more about SAMI, please see the Memorandum of Understanding. The staff report for The Strategic Growth Council was presented at their quarterly meeting held on October 6, 2014.

Please visit the RAMP website to learn more and to request a copy of the draft Statewide Framework.

For more information, please contact Heidi Hall.