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Dam Security Guides and Handbooks

The following documents provide general guidance on dam security issues. These documents were compiled and provided by the Department of Homeland Security's Dams Sector.

Dams Sector Security Guidelines

Security Awareness Guide

Assists in identifying security concerns, coordinating proper response, and establishing effective partnerships with local law enforcement and first responder communities.

Crisis Management Handbook

Provides information relating to emergency response and preparedness issues; includes recommendations for developing emergency action plans and site recovery plans.

Active and Passive Vehicle Barrier Guide

Provides information on a variety of active and passive vehicle barriers.

Waterside Barriers Guide

Provides information on waterside barriers, including their use and maintenance.

Personnel Screening Guide for Owners and Operators

Provides information that assists in developing and implementing personnel screening protocols.

For more information, we encourage you to visit the Department of Homeland Security’s Dams Sector webpage

DHS Dams Sector webpage