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Alameda County Water District brackish groundwater desalination facility, funded in the 2005 (first) grant cycle.


*NEW: The due date has been extended to January 31, 2014 (from January 16, 2014) for the grant application submittal.

DWR is seeking grant proposals for the 2014 Desalination Grant Funding. This is the third round of Proposition 50 funding to support projects that develop brackish and seawater desalination as a water supply. DWR has prepared a Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) which describes the grant application process for potential applicants. Proposals are due to DWR by January 31, 2014 and are to be submitted using GRanTS. Up to $8.7 million in Prop 50 funds will be distributed during this funding round.

Grants will be funded by Proposition 50, the Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and Beach Protection Act of 2002 (California Water Code Section 79500 et seq.). This is the third round of grant funding for desalination projects under Proposition 50. The types of projects to be funded by this third cycle of water desalination grants are the following:

  • Construction projects having a completed feasibility study or facility plan, and permitting and design either ready to proceed or already proceeding towards construction of a full-scale desalination treatment or brine disposal facility
  • Pilot study or demonstration project with a completed feasibility study or facility plan to assess one or more components of a specific, planned facility
  • Feasibility study, including environmental documentation, to assess the viability of implementing a brackish groundwater desalination project in a specific area
  • Environmental documentation to supplement a completed feasibility study of an ocean desalination project
  • Research project to support permitting agencies in establishing policies and regulatory criteria for water desalination projects and that are not for the purpose of assessing a specific project


The schedule for PSP funding process is:

December 26, 2012 PSP posted online
January 24, 2013 Public Workshop for Draft PSP – Inland Empire
January 28, 2013 Public Workshop for Draft PSP –Sacramento
February 8, 2013 Comments on Draft PSP Due
November 27, 2013 Final PSP Released
December 5, 2013 Public Workshop for Final PSP – Sacramento
January 31, 2014 Proposals Due, 5 pm PST
April 4, 2014* Announce Desalination Draft Funding Awards
April 15, 2014* Public Workshop for Draft Funding Awards – Sacramento
May 1, 2014* Announce Desalination Final Award Decision
May 15, 2014* Desalination Contract Negotiations Begin
Spring/Summer 2014 Desalination Contracts Executed and Projects Begin
*Dates are approximate.

Proposal Components

The PSP describes the process and components of the application for Prop 50 desalination funds. Proposals are to be submitted using GRanTS. The GRanTS proposal consists of 4 parts, each of which are completed directly through GRanTs, or uses GRanTS to submit the required files or information. The four parts are:

Part Application
Description How Completed
1 Applicant
General information for the entity with lead contractual responsibility for the project, and which will be the primary contact with DWR throughout the grant funding contracting and implementation GRanTS
2 Projects Project-related information GRanTS
3 Eligibility Questions Forms and tables to be completed by the applicant that provide additional project details, such as schedule, budget, and information on other project participants GRanTS
4 Application Attachments Separate files to be uploaded as part of the application process. These files include templates or documents the applicant must complete as part of the application. Additional files pertinent to the application, such as environmental documents, may also be uploaded. Files are completed separately and then uploaded through GRanTS.

Application Attachment Templates and Additional Guidance

The PSP requires up to 20 additional electronic files to be provided to DWR as part of the grant application process. Links to the attachments with templates are provided below. For attachments with a provided template, the template is required to be used. The other attachments require the applicant to provide the requested information in files they create or as existing documents. Guidance is also provided below for Attachment 20, Economic Analysis. Templates and guidance are provided for:

Frequebntly asked Questions:

An FAQ document has been prepared responding to questions related to the PSP. Click here.

Draft PSP Workshop Presentation:

The Final PSP Workshop PowerPoint presentation. Click here.

The Draft PSP Workshop PowerPoint presentation. Click here.

Need More Information?

If you need any additional information, or if you have questions about the PSP, please contact the DWR’s Desalination Section at  You may also contact the section chief, Richard Mills, at 916-651-0715 or by e-mail