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Related Desalination Laws

SB 1319, Burton - 2004: The California Ocean Protection Act

This bill would establish the Ocean Protection Council in state government. The bill would require the council to coordinate activities of state agencies that are related to the protection and conservation of coastal waters and ocean ecosystems, to improve the effectiveness of state efforts to protect ocean resources within existing fiscal limitations, consistent with specified legislative findings and declarations, to establish policies to coordinate the collection and sharing of scientific data related to coast and ocean resources between agencies, and to identify and recommend to the Legislature and the Governor changes in law and policy needed to meet the above goals.

AB 2918, Laird - 2004: Desalination Facilities
This bill would require the commission to evaluate the interrelationship between the commission’s electricity policies and water policies as they relate to saline water conversion through ocean desalination, and to report to the Governor and the Legislature, on or before January 1, 2006, on the balance between electricity ratepayers and water ratepayers.
The commission would be required to invite the Department of Water Resources, the State Water Resources Control Board, the Department of Fish and Game, the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission, and the California Coastal Commission, to participate in the evaluation.

SB 318, Alpert - 2004: Urban Water Suppliers: Desalinated Water
The Urban Water Management Planning Act requires urban water suppliers to prepare and adopt urban water management plans for submission to the Department of Water Resources.

This bill would require a plan to describe the opportunities for development of desalinated water, including, but not limited to, ocean water, brackish water, and groundwater, as a long-term supply.

AB 314, Kehoe - 2003: Desalination
This bill would declare that it is the policy of the state that desalination projects developed by or for public water entities be given the same opportunities for state assistance and funding as other water supply and reliability projects, and that desalination be consistent with all applicable environmental protection policies in the state.

AB 2717, Hertzberg - 2002: Water Desalination Task Force
This bill would require the Department of Water Resources to convene a Water Desalination Task Force to make recommendations to the Legislature on potential opportunities and impediments for using seawater and brackish water desalination, and to examine what role, if any, the state should play in furthering the use of desalination technology.

SB 1062, Poochigian - 1999: The California Water Plan
This bill would require the Department of Water Resources, in connection with the updating of the California Water Plan, to include in the plan a discussion of various strategies, including those strategies relating to the development of new water storage facilities, water conservation and recycling, desalination, conjunctive use, and water transfers, that may be pursued to meet the future water needs of the state.

Cobey-Porter - 1965: Saline Water Conversion Law

Existing law California Water Code Sections 12946.-12949.6 declaring that that the people of the state have a primary interest in the development of economical saline water conversion processes which could eliminate the necessity for additional facilities to transport water over long distances, or supplement the services to be provided by such facilities, and provide a direct and easily managed water supply to assist in meeting the future water requirements of the state.[PDF, 82 KB]