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Economic and demographic Analyses are performed by staff located in the Economic Analysis Section, Integrated Data and Analysis Branch, in the Division of Statewide Integrated Water Management. The section consists of sx staff members with different areas of expertise. Although organizationally located within DSIWM, staff routinely work with other programs within DWR (for example, Water Use Efficiency, and Flood Management) as well as with other state, federal, and local agencies.

Emmanuel Asinas, Ph.D.
Chief, Economic Analysis Section
(916) 653-8166

Management and Supervision
Economic Modeling and Analysis, Natural Resource Economics
Environmental Economics
DWR Economics Training

Salma Kibrya
Research Program
Specialist II (Demography)
(916) 653-6953

California Demographics
GIS Analysis for Demographics
Tableau Software for Data Visualization
EAS Web Master
DWR Economics Training

Daya Muralidharan, Ph.D.
Research Program
Specialist II (Economics)
(916) 653-6604

Economic Research and Analysis
DWR Economics Training

Ray Hoagland
Retired Annuitant
(916) 653-67855

Urban Water Management Economics
Development of applications, including modeling and statistical analysis tools, using the Excel/Visual Basic for Applications platform
DWR Economics Training

Farhad Farnam, Ph.D.
Retired Annuitant
(916) 653-9415

Agricultural Production Modeling
Economic Analyses for Loans and Grants Programs
Flood and Watershed Management Economics
DWR Economics Training

Marla Hambright
Retired Annuitant
(916) 653-8023

California Demographics
Environmental Document Review