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Fish Passage Improvement Program


The Fish Passage Improvement Program (FPIP) works to resolve fish migration problems at artificial structures in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys below major flood control and water supply reservoirs.

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Current projects are designated ~in progress~

Projects are grouped into the following categories:
Additional information on fish passage projects supported by FPIP and others is available in the 2005 Fish Passage Improvement Report.

Sacramento River and Tributaries

photo of creek

Improve fish passage through Iron Canyon.

Butte Creek   ~in progress~

Implement restoration projects in the Lower Butte Creek watershed, including improving fish passage at Weir No. 2 and Willow Slough Weir and installing fish screens at DWR pumping plants along the Sutter Bypass.

Improve fish passage at the former Saeltzer Dam site.

Clover Creek   ~in progress~
Improve fish passage at the Millville Dam, and bridge/siphon sites.

Deer Creek   ~in progress~
Improve fish passage and ecological stream function in Deer Creek.

Evaluate different options to improve fish passage at Hayer Dam.

Conduct an instream habitat assessment of Miners Ravine. Improve fish passage at Cottonwood Dam.

Lake Davis   ~in progress~
Prevent passage of non-native Northern Pike from Lake Davis to Big Grizzly Creek to protect salmonids and other native fish.

Restore portions of the Murphy Creek watershed and enhance spawning habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead.

Provide technical guidance to support a long-term solution at M&T / Llano Seco Pumping and Fish Screen Facility.

Determine the feasibility of introducing Chinook salmon and steelhead to the upper Yuba River.

Develop, conduct, and coordinate studies to examine the dam's impacts on anadromous fish.

San Joaquin River and Tributaries

Calaveras River   ~in progress~
Inventory and evaluate instream structures for fish passage on the Calaveras River system. Determine preferred alternative for improving fish passage at Budiselich Flashboard Dam.

photo of river
Improve the natural riverine habitat at Oakdale Recreation Area.
Bay Delta and Tributaries

photo of creek
Develop a set of alternative designs for modifying or removing the lower Marsh Creek drop-structure.
Improve fish passage and ecological stream function in York Creek.