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Fish Passage Improvement Program (FPIP)

Clear Creek - Saeltzer Dam

photo of creek Clear Creek Before Initiating the Project


In November 2000, Saeltzer Dam was removed from Clear Creek, in Shasta County, and access to upstream spring-run Chinook habitat was restored. A berm of cleaned spawning gravel was constructed downstream from the dam site to retain additional sediment. Armored with large rocks, it did not wash out as predicted with winter storms. This created a new barrier to spring-run salmon expected to migrate upstream in late winter.


The FPIP provided construction resources under the direction of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to quickly remove the armoring and disburse the berm in March 2001. The project cost $28,000 and was completed before spring-run migration began.

Photo of restored York Creek
Clear Creek After Completion of the Project