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Deer Creek

photo of creek


Deer Creek, in Tehama County, features unique habitat that makes it a very important resource for anadromous fish in the Sacramento Valley. There are three diversion dams and four screened diversion ditches in Deer Creek. Inadequate flow for upstream passage is the most significant problem in Deer Creek. Deer Creek Irrigation District Dam (DCID) is the uppermost dam on Deer Creek. DCID is a flashboard dam with a screened diversion. During the floods in 1997, portions of this structure were damaged creating fish passage issues.


DWR staff is currently monitoring the upstream and downstream stage differential at DCID. Work is also underway by Deer Creek Irrigation District, DWR, and DFG to develop an environmental flow enhancement program in lower Deer Creek. The goal of the enhancement program is to increase fish transportation flows downstream of DCID. There are over 25 miles of prime spawning habitat upstream of the DCID diversion dam. FPIP Northern District staff have suspended the detailed topographic survey of the area and preliminary engineering investigation, until additional funding becomes available.

Deer Creek falls within the Butte Basin Ecological Management Zone under the Deer Creek Ecological Management Unit. Providing fish passage at DCID will assist Bay-Delta agencies in meeting Milestone 67.