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Murphy Creek

photo of creek


Murphy Creek is located in eastern Amador County and western San Joaquin County. The creek flows into the Mokelumne River from the north about 1/2 mile downstream from Camanche Dam and Reservoir.


The Fish Passage Improvement Program worked in partnership with local landowners and the East Bay Municipal Utility District to restore portions of the Murphy Creek watershed and to enhance spawning habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead.

Restoration plans for this section of Murphy Creek included removal of Sparrowk Dam, a small earthern dam and concrete spillway, constructed in the 1970's. Sediment from the pond was removed and the small reservoir behind the dam was re-contoured to resemble the original creek channel. Fences were placed adjacent to the creek to allow successional growth of native and planted native vegetation. Additionally, certain sections of the creek received gravel treatments to improve spawning opportunities for salmonids.

The restoration project has opened up 1.5 miles of historic spawning and rearing habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead. FPIP provided topographical surveys, archeological surveys, and preliminary engineering design work. The project was completed in August 2003.