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Fish Passage Improvement Program (FPIP)

Stanislaus River

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The Oakdale Recreation Area, located in Stanislaus County, has several old gravel pit ponds in the Stanislaus River channel. These ponds have warmer, slower moving water that provides habitat for warm water nonnative fish (such as large and smallmouth bass) that prey on juvenile salmon and steelhead that must migrate through these ponds on their outmigration to the ocean. Instream gravel pit ponds may reduce the numbers of these juveniles that successfully migrate from the Stanislaus River.

Oakdale Recreation Area Project

DWR's Fish Passage Improvement Program (FPIP) seeks to improve fish passage for downstream migrating juvenile salmon and steelhead, enhance rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead, and restore the natural riverine habitat at Oakdale Recreation Area. FPIP staff developed three conceptual designs that focus on improving rearing habitat for Chinook salmon. For additional information, see the Conceptual Designs report (16.1 MB) and the Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Chinook Salmon Habitat Improvement Projects in the San Joaquin River Basin (5.9 MB). Further work is dependant on the goals of the Stanislaus River Restoration Plan and CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program. For more information, visit the Stanislaus River Fish Group website.

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