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The Sutter Bypass Pumping Plants Fish Screening Project is an integral part of ongoing Butte Creek restoration activities, in Sutter County. The objective of the project is to reduce losses of adult and juvenile anadromous fish from the Lower Butte Creek system by screening juvenile salmonids and excluding adult salmonids from the three DWR pumping plants in the bypass.

Sutter Bypass Pumping Plants Fish Screening Project

In August 2004, DWR staff completed a preliminary engineering technical report (21 MB). Preliminary engineering and cost estimate work was funded through the Tracy Mitigation Agreement. The report discusses three types of fish screens for each pumping plant. The preferred alternatives will be decided upon when peak demand flows for this area of Lower Butte Creek are determined. FPIP funds will be used to cover the costs of the design review, and developing grant proposals for final design and construction of the project.

The Lower Butte Creek-Sutter Bypass Pumping Plants Fish Screening Project falls within the Sutter Bypass Ecological Management Unit (EMU). One of the visions for the Sutter Bypass EMU is to resolve fish passage and unscreened diversion problems where possible. This work will also assist Bay-Delta agencies in meeting Milestones 67 and 72.

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