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The Urban Flood Risk Reduction (UFRR) Program was created to address State investment priorities for urban areas.  UFRR supports the implementation of regional flood damage reduction projects for urban areas in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley protected under the State Plan of Flood Control (SPFC).  All projects are designed to achieve protection from a 200-year flood.  UFRR works with urban local agencies to plan, design, and construct flood risk reduction projects.

How can UFRR help my project?

UFRR’s main goal is to financially assist local agencies throughout the evaluation, planning, design, and repair or improvement stages of their flood risk reduction projects. The UFRR Program is designed to supersede the Early Implementation Program (EIP).

What projects are we currently supporting?

UFRR supports flood risk reduction projects throughout the Central Valley protected by the SPFC.  Funding for these projects is solely provided through Proposition 1E.

Applicant Project Name Project Type  State Funds Requested Project Description Funding
Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency SBFCA Feather River West Levee, Phase 1 Const. $40,828,931 Complete the remainder of improvements on the Feather River West Levee from Thermalito Afterbay to Star Bend; including the construction of the Oroville Wildlife Flood Stage Reduction and Ecosystem Enhancement Project. $40,828,931
Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency SAFCA Levee Accreditation Const. $112,000,000 Proposing three projects to address noted deficiencies along the Sacramento River East Levees (Pocket Area) and North Sacramento Streams with the aim of providing at least a 100-year level of flood protection to the Sacramento area; including a NEMDC Corridor Management project.  $112,000,000
San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency SJAFCA Smith Canal Gate Const. $22,309,666 Construct the Smith Canal Gate to reduce flood risk to the heavily urbanized area of the Central Stockton Basin to meet FEMA Standards and State Urban Levee Design Criteria. $22,309,666
West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency WSAFCA Southport Construction Const. $28,730,000 Construct the Southport setback levee tie-ins and improvement of existing levees adjacent to the South Port Setback Project (previously funded as an EIP Project).  $28,730,000
Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority TRLIA 200-year Goldfields Setback Levee Const. $36,726,562 Construct a new levee south of the Goldfields (Yuba River) area to complete 200-year flood protection for the Yuba Basin east of the Feather River.  $32,600,000
City of Lathrop RD-17, Phase 4 ULDC Improvements Study & Prel. Design $20,527,500 Provides limited funding for feasibility and preliminary design activities for levee improvements to correct remaining ULDC deficiencies to provide 200-year protection within the RD-17 levee Basin. $5,000,000
City of Woodland Woodland Integrated FRR Study & Prel. Design $140,000,000 Provides limited funding for feasibility and preliminary design activities focusing on the Local Preferred Plan or a bypass channel from Cache Creek around the south side of the settling basin (currently under study by the USACE).  Other aspects of the projects may be considered as systemwide elements. $5,000,000
West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency North Basin Levee Design $15,000,000 Design in advance of federal authorization resulting from the West Sac GRR.  The construction of these future phases of the WSAFCA 200 year project will extend outside the life of the Prop. 1E funding.  Not considered for UFRR Funding - Plan to use USACE credits from previously funded projects. $-
RD-537, 785, & 827 Lower Elkhorn Basin Setback Levee Design & Const. $150,000,000 This project proposes to set back the east levee of the Yolo Bypass and the north levee of the Sac Bypass and to remove the old Bryte Landfill from the enlarged floodway.  Aspects of the project may be considered as systemwide elements. $-
    TOTAL $566,122,659   $246,468,597