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In response to devastating flooding in California's Central Valley in 1997, the Costa-Machado Water Act of 2000 authorized the creation of the Yuba Feather Flood Protection Program (YFFPP) under Proposition 13. Since its inception, YFFPP has awarded more than $60 million in grant funding for projects providing a 100-year level of protection within the program's jurisdiction.

YFFPP’s goal is to address the continuing and serious threat to life and property along the Yuba Feather River system and in the Colusa Basin. The primary focus of YFFPP is to support feasibility studies and design and construction projects that contribute to increasing flood protection. YFFPP’s jurisdiction primarily spans across Yuba, Sutter, Butte, and Colusa counties. Funding assistance is offered to eligible projects, such as: improvements for levees, floodwalls, dams, flood warning systems, and detention basins; relocation of structures; purchase of lands and easements; and environmental mitigation.

Yuba Feather Flood Protection Program: Project List

In June 2013 the Yuba Feather Flood Protection Program (YFFPP) held an open Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) period and received applications requesting over $5 million in funding.  Those applications have been reviewed, scored, and ranked according to the YFFPP PSP (PDF: 966 KB). The final list of approved projects was developed after careful review of applications submitted during the PSP and comments received from the 15-day comment period. Six proposals were received and four projects have been selected for approximately $3.3 million in Proposition 13 funding, which will receive the last available funds for the program.