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Be Aware. Be Prepared. Take Action.

Be Aware. Know Your Risk.

Don't let Mother Nature fool you. Catastrophic flooding can happen in the middle of a drought. It has happened before. In fact, the risk of flooding increases when California is suffering the effects of severe drought.

Climate change is likely to bring more frequent and ferocious storms to California. While heavy downpours this year aren’t expected to end our current drought, their violent spurts will put our Golden State at high risk for flooding. It's often the price Mother Nature makes us pay to enjoy the benefits that come with calling California home.

So, while you continue to conserve water to help our state make it through the current historic drought, Flood Prepare California!

Think you and your family are safe from raging waters, mudslides or debris flows? Take the time to think again. Check out these online resources where you can enter your address, know your risk and be aware..

Know your risk. Search your address here.
A service provided by the Governor's Office of Emergency Services.

Be Prepared.

Californians love their cars, and it seems we're always on the go. We're all at risk of flash flooding during storms as we drive to work, drop our children off at school, shop, and visit our neighbors across the state. Check out online resources to learn what to do when you approach water in the road, no matter how shallow it appears. Be prepared to "Turn around don't drown"™.

Are you prepared to respond to mandatory orders to evacuate your house, condo or apartment in a moment's notice? Follow these tips on how to put together a flood emergency kit so you can bring along what's important. Take the time now because you might not have time later. It's vital to be prepared.

See water? Turn Around Don't Drown. A message from the National Weather Service.

How to prepare you and your home for evacuation.

Take Action.

Be a flood preparation leader. Share what you know with your neighbors, students, family and friends. Get together at work, school, a neighbor's garage, or simply over a cup of coffee. Share these online resources, assemble flood evacuation preparation kits, make evacuation plans, and consider flood insurance.

Attend one of the many preparation events across the state, or better yet, hold one of your own. Invite everyone you know, or just your next door neighbor. No get-together is too small. Tell us through this online form that you plan to take action to Flood Prepare California!

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