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FloodSAFE California

FloodSAFE California

Department of Water Resources
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Mailing Address:
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FloodSAFE Programs and References

Central Valley Flood Management Planning

Community Rating System (part of the National Flood Insurance Program)

Flood Maintenance Office

Flood Projects Office

Hydrology and Flood Operations

Levee Design Criteria

Levee Evaluations and Repairs

Mapping programs

My Flood Risk

Statewide Flood Management Planning Program

Urban Levee Design Criteria

Urban Level of Flood Protection Criteria

Yuba Feather Flood Protection Program

Reference Sites

Bond Accountability (Natural Resources Agency website)

California Flood Preparedness Week

Levee Vegetation

If you have comments, suggestions or concerns about FloodSAFE California, please email us, or send a letter to the mailing address shown to the left.