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California's Groundwater: Bulletin 118

Bulletin 118 - Update 2003 Report

California's Groundwater - Bulletin 118, Update 2003 is available below by sections and as entire report. The public is welcome to provide comments and detailed information relevant to the basins and subbasins, which will be updated as new information is available.

Entire Report
   California's Groundwater - Bulletin 118, Update 2003 pdf: 27.5 mb

Report by Section
   Cover pdf: 49 kb
   Findings and Recommendations pdf: 41 kb
   Foreword/Acknowledgements/Introduction pdf: 56 kb
   Chapter 1 - Groundwater - California's Hidden Resource pdf: 3.0 mb
   Chapter 2 - Groundwater Management in California pbf: 315 kb
   Chapter 3 - Groundwater Management Planning and Implementation pdf: 203 kb
   Chapter 4 - Recent Actions Related to Groundwater Management pdf: 31 kb
   Chapter 5 - Roles of State and Federal Agencies in California Groundwater Management pdf: 109 kb
   Chapter 6 - Basic Groundwater Concepts pdf: 1.4 mb
   Chapter 7 - Inventory of California's Groundwater Information pdf: 4.7 mb

Hydrologic Regions of California

   North Coast pdf: 1.0 mb
   San Francisco Bay pdf: 1.0 mb
   Central Coast pdf: 958 kb
   South Coast pdf: 957 kb
   Sacramento River pdf: 1.1 mb

   San Joaquin River pdf: 668 kb
   Tulare Lake pdf: 949 kb
   North Lahontan pdf: 836 kb
   South Lahontan pdf: 1.4 mb
   Colorado River pdf: 1.2 mb

   Appendices pdf: 267 kb
   Glossary and References pdf: 60 kb

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