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Groundwater Quality Monitoring

California's future water supply depends on groundwater and its water quality must be monitored and protected. Groundwater basins across the state are assessed by DWR Districts and other cooperators to determine water quality, identify areas of poor quality, and to track long-term changes in groundwater quality. Though DWR has no statutory authority to protect groundwater quality and our role in groundwater protection is limited, we have a long-standing groundwater quality monitoring network.

The DWR Districts collect groundwater samples to be analyzed for mineral, nutrient, minor element characteristics and contamination as well as for overall quality and usage. Some Districts may provide equipment and technical expertise to collect representative groundwater samples. The Districts together with DPLA Headquarters develop databases for groundwater levels, and groundwater quality.

Water Data Library (WDL) - a statewide repository of groundwater level and groundwater quality data.

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