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Groundwater Management

Court Adjudications

Another form of groundwater management in California is through court adjudication. In basins where a lawsuit is brought to adjudicate the basin, the groundwater rights of all the overliers and appropriators are determined by the court. The court also decides: 1) who the extractors are; 2) how much groundwater those well owners can extract; and 3) who the Watermaster will be to ensure that the basin is managed in accordance with the court's decree. The Watermaster must report periodically to the court. There are 22 adjudicated groundwater basins in California; 21 adjudications were undertaken in State Superior Court and one in federal court.

Adjudicated groundwater basins (Final Court Decision)

   Beaumont Basin (2004)
   Brite Basin (1970)
   Central Basin (1965)
   Chino Basin (1978)
   Cucamonga Basin (1978)
   Cummings Basin (1972)
   Goleta Basin (1989)
   Main San Gabriel Basin : Puente Narrows (1973)
   Mojave Basin Area (1996)
   Puente Basin(1985)
   Raymond Basin (1944)
   San Jacinto Basin (2013)

   Santa Margarita River Watershed (1966)
   Santa Maria Valley Basin (2008)
   Santa Paula Basin (1996)
   Scott River Stream System (1980)
   Seaside Basin (2006)
   Six Basins (1998)
   Tehachapi Basin (1973)
   Upper Los Angeles River Area (1979)
   Warren Valley Basin (1977)
   West Coast Basin (1961)
   Western San Bernardino (1969)

Agencies who manage groundwater from adjudicated groundwater basins

The following agencies manage groundwater in accordance with the court decision that governs the groundwater basin. These agencies overlie an adjudicated groundwater basin.

   Apple Valley Heights County Water District
   Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company
   Baldy Mesa Water District
   Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District
   California American Water Co.
   Chino Basin Water Conservation District
   City of Adelanto
   City of Banning
   City of Barstow
   City of Beaumont
   City of Del Rey Oaks
   City of Hemet
   City of Lakewood
   City of Monterey
   City of San Jacinto
   City of Sand City
   City of Seaside
   Crescenta Valley Water District
   Cucamonga County Water District
   Eastern Municipal Water District
   Foothill Municipal Water District
   Hesperia County Water District
   Hidden Valley Lake Community Services District
   Hi-Desert County Water District
   Jurupa Community Services District
   Kinneola Irrigation District
   La Cañada Irrigation District
   Lake Hemet Municipal Water District

   Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
   Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster
   Mariana Ranchos County Water District
   Mojave Water Agency
   Monte Vista Water District
   Monterey County/Monterey County Water Resources Agency
   Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
   Orchard Dale Water District
   Rancho California Water District
   Rowland Water District
   San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District
   San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Agency
   San Gabriel County Water District
   Santa Fe Irrigation District
   Santa Margarita Water District
   Serrano Irrigation District
   South Mesa Mutual Water Company, b
   South Montebello Irrigation District
   Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District
   Three Valleys Municipal Water District
   Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
   Valley County Water District
   Victor Valley County Water District
   Walnut Valley Water District
   Water Replenishment District of Southern California
   West San Bernardino County Water District
   Yucaipa Valley Water District