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Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Digital Toolkit

This set of tools and templates is provided for the purposes of SGMA outreach as discussed in the Stakeholder Communication and Engagement (C&E) Guidance Document. The templates may be downloaded, modified, and tailored to specific needs and audiences. While not all tools and templates are applicable to all GSAs, they are available as examples of effective ways to engage.

Guidance Document Resources
  • C&E Plan Outline - A detailed C&E Plan outline for you to consider as you develop a C&E Plan to help guide your GSP development and fulfill the "communication section" requirement of your GSP.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Requirements by Phase - Statutory stakeholder requirements identified over the four phases of Sustainable Groundwater Management planning and implementation horizon: GSA Formation and Coordination, GSP Preparation and Submission, GSP Review and Evaluation, and Implementation and Reporting.


Stakeholder Engagement Chart for Identifying GSP Audiences - A table of potential interests that should be considered and included in a GSA's engagement activities.

Stakeholder Survey Template - A survey template with questions geared towards learning about the stakeholder's interests, issues, and challenges.

"Lay of the Land" Exercise Template - An exercise template to help you develop strategies for engagement after the stakeholder surveys are completed.

Examples from Local SGMA Work Groups

Local SGMA Websites

Visit the websites below for examples of how some local agencies are keeping the public informed about their SGMA implementation efforts.

For additional examples of Local Agency websites, please visit the SGMA Portal where all Groundwater Sustainable Agencies are listed with website and contact information.