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GSA Interactive Map

New!Local agencies are required to submit GSA formation notifications to DWR using the SGMA Portal – GSA Formation Notification System.
New!Comparison of GSAs Formed Using 2003 Basin Boundaries vs. 2016 Basin Boundaries (Updated February 17, 2017)

GSA boundaries, Bulletin 118 (2016) basin boundaries, and information associated with GSA formation notifications are available for viewing on the SGMA Portal – GSA Formation Notification System at the following URL:

The GSA Map Viewer on the SGMA Portal shows the location of local agencies that have notified DWR of their intent to undertake sustainable groundwater management by deciding to become or form a GSA. The boundaries of the proposed GSA management areas are based on information submitted or approved by those agencies. While DWR makes every effort to provide accurate information, DWR has not reviewed all GSA boundary information contained in this map and makes no warranties as to the suitability of this map for any particular purpose. The SGMA Portal – GSA Formation Notification System should be referenced to determine the status of a local agency’s GSA formation notice. Local agencies or GSAs should be consulted to determine parcel-level detail for proposed or exclusive GSA areas.

If you have questions related to GSAs or have comments related to the SGMA Portal please contact Mark Nordberg at