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The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has developed a Strategic Plan for its Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGM) Program. DWR’s SGM Program will implement the new and expanded responsibilities identified in the 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Some of these expanded responsibilities include: (1) developing regulations to revise groundwater basin boundaries; (2) adopting regulations for evaluating and implementing Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) and coordination agreements; (3) identifying basins subject to critical conditions of overdraft; (4) identifying water available for groundwater replenishment; and (5) publishing best management practices for the sustainable management of groundwater.


New!DWR posts Notice of Proposed Emergency Regulatory Action
DWR proposes an emergency rulemaking action under the Administrative Procedure Act that would make the regulations that establish a process by which local agencies will establish Groundwater Sustainability Plans and Alternatives effective. View the notice here. View the finding of emergency here.

New!Draft Approved Basin Boundary Modifications - Additional Information
DWR released a list and map of Draft Approved Basin Boundary Modifications and provided additional information including the presentations given at the public meetings. View the list, map, and additional information here.

New!GSA notification received
DWR has received a notification of formation of a Groundwater Sustain ability Agency. View the notification here.

New!Best Management Practices Framework Released
DWR has established a multi-phased approach for developing BMPs to comply with the requirements described in SGMA, which are outlined in the BMP Development Framework. View more information here.

Sustainable Groundwater Management Program Progress Report
The March 2015 Draft SGM Program Strategic Plan described how DWR will implement SGMA and aid local agencies to sustainably manage California's groundwater resources. The Strategic Plan presented five objectives defining DWR's approach to organizing and executing the work necessary for successful program implementation. Considerable progress has been made in the implementation of the five objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan. This document provides an overview of the key accomplishments of the Program to-date. View the report here.

DWR has developed a Draft Strategic Plan for its Sustainable Groundwater Management Program. The draft plan describes DWR's responsibilities and vision for carrying out the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, a package of laws that aim to protect the groundwater basins that provide more than half of the water Californians use in dry years. The draft plan outlines key actions DWR will undertake over the next several years to position itself to better support local agencies across California to achieve sustainable groundwater management. To read the plan, click here.

The California Groundwater website offers links to partners involved in the SGMA implementation, multi-agency news and information, a groundwater blog, and the text of the SGMA legislation. More info…