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Communication and Outreach

Implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act necessitates timely, forthright, and consistent communication among all partners and stakeholders. Proactive outreach to and engagement of partners and stakeholders is essential to achieving sustainable groundwater management at the local and regional level. Local and regional agencies in turn must reach out to keep local citizens, groundwater users, and stakeholders informed. The Strategic Plan provides an overview of DWR's initial plan for communication and outreach with partners.

Guidance Documents and Resources
Engagement with
Tribal Governments

This guidance document conveys information, as provided by California’s Tribal governments, by which local agencies can engage Tribal governments as part of an effort to identify interested persons, and consider the interests of beneficial users of groundwater; including those users on Tribal lands not subject to SGMA.

Stakeholder C&E
Guidance Document

This guidance document provides GSAs information to aid with stakeholder communication and engagement for GSP preparation and to provide examples and existing resources related to public engagement and effective communication for SGMA implementation.

Stakeholder C&E
Digital Toolkit

This set of tools and templates is provided for the purposes of SGMA outreach as discussed in the Stakeholder Communication and Engagement (C&E) Guidance Document

Additional Published Resources

DWR Region Office Contacts

DWR provides a variety of Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) related resources to assist water management groups and the public. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Program will continue utilizing the established regional resources for communication and outreach within your region. Regional Coordinators serve as primary points of contact for communication and outreach with local stakeholders.

All high and medium priority basins are assigned a Point of Contact from DWR Region Offices. POCs assist GSAs and stakeholders in the basin to connect with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Program and locate resources for assistance. View POCs for groundwater basins in DWR's:

Advisory Groups

DWR has established effective communication pathways between stakeholder organizations through the implementation of advisory groups to ensure these organizations provide the necessary input into the implementation of DWR's responsibilities associated with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). The advisory groups are to help DWR establish a common understanding of complex issues associated with establishing Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs), Basin Boundary revisions, developing Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) and the other issues associated with DWR's roles in SGMA. The following Advisory Groups are being engaged:

Practitioners Advisory Panel

Tribal Advisory Group

Non-Governmental Organizations

Association of California Water Agencies

Northern California Water Association

San Joaquin Tributaries Authority

San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority

Central Coast area (Monterey County and Santa Cruz area

Rural County Representatives of California

Ag Community

Tulare Lake Hydrologic Region Group
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