Water Well Standards


Water Well Drillers' Reports

Detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the occurrence and quality of California's groundwater resources is vital to protecting, conserving, and properly developing them. The data obtained during the construction of water wells are primary sources of geologic and hydrologic information. In 1949 the Legislature concluded that such information would be invaluable in the event of underground pollution, and would provide a fund of geologic information regarding the State's groundwater resources. As a result, legislation was passed requiring the filing of a report with the Department. The report is called the Water Well Drillers' Report and its submittal is also a requirement of these standards (see Chapter II, Section 7 "Reports"). Additional information about the report is presented in "How to Fill Out a Well Completion Report", Department of Water Resources, November 1999. This pamphlet is available in PDF format (646KB) and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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