Monitoring Well Standards

Scope, Organization, and Limitations of Standards

Certain standards that apply to water wells also apply to monitoring wells. Therefore the Monitoring Well Standards refer frequently to the Water Well Standards. Standards that apply only to monitoring wells, or that require emphasis, are discussed in detail in the Monitoring Well Standards. The Monitoring Well Standards are arranged in a format similar to the Water Well Standards.

These standards are not intended as a complete manual for monitoring well construction, alteration, maintenance, and destruction. These standards serve only as minimum statewide guidelines towards ensuring that monitoring wells do not constitute a significant pathway for the movement of poor quality water, pollutants, or contaminants. These standards provide no assurance that a monitoring well will perform a desired function. In most cases groundwater monitoring practices and monitoring well performance, or functional requirements, fall under the purview of the various agencies mentioned earlier. Ultimate responsibility for the design and performance of a monitoring well rests with the well owner and/or the owner's contractor, and/or technical representative(s).

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