Monitoring Well Standards

Section 11. Filter Pack.

Monitoring well filter pack material shall consist of nonreactive, smooth, rounded, spherical, granular material of highly uniform size and known composition. Filter pack material shall not degrade or consolidate after placement. The grain-size of the filter pack shall be matched to the slot size of the well screen so that any movement of filter pack material into the well will be limited to prevent significant voids in the filter pack that could ultimately destabilize the annular seal.

Filter pack material shall be obtained from clean sources. Filter pack material should be washed and properly packaged for handling, delivery, and storage, if used in monitoring wells constructed for sensitive water quality determinations.

Care should be exercised in the storage of filter pack materials at a drilling site to ensure the material does not come into contact with pollutants or contaminants. Care should also be exercised to prevent the introduction of foreign substances, such as clay or vegetative matter, that might interfere with the placement and function of the filter pack.

Filter pack material shall be placed in the well boring by use of a tremie pipe or equivalent. The depth of the top of the filter pack shall be carefully checked and the volume of emplaced filter pack material verified to determine that filter pack materials have not bridged during installation.

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