Monitoring Well Standards

Section 13. Well Development.

Monitoring well development, redevelopment, and reconditioning shall be performed with care so as to prevent damage to the well and any strata surrounding the well that serve to restrict the movement of poor-quality water, pollutants, and contaminants. Developments, redevelopment, and reconditioning operations shall be performed with special care where a well has been constructed in an area of known or suspected pollution or contamination. Such special care is necessary to prevent the spread of pollutants and contaminants in the environment and to protect public health and safety.

Water, sediment and other waste removed from a monitoring well for "development" operations shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, State, and local requirements. The enforcing agency should be contacted concerning the proper disposal of waste from development operations.

Appropriate methods of well development vary with the type and use of monitoring a well. Development methods that may be acceptable under certain circumstances include:

  1. Mechanical Surging. Plungers, bailers, surge blocks, and other surging devices shall incorporate safety valves or vents to prevent excessive pressure differentials that could damage casing or screen.

  2. Overpumping and Pump Surging. Overpumping and surging may not be suitable for development of wells producing large amounts of sediment because of the potential for clogging or jamming of pumps.

  3. Air Development. Some air development methods are not acceptable for monitoring wells to be used for sensitive water-quality determinations.

  4. Water Jetting. Water used in jetting operations shall be free of pollutants and contaminants. Water-jetting methods are not always acceptable for monitoring wells used for sensitive water-quality determinations.

  5. Chemical Development. Extreme care shall be exercised in the use of chemicals for monitoring well development. It is often unacceptable to use chemicals for developing monitoring wells to be used for water-quality determinations. Chemicals introduced for development shall be completely removed from the well, filter pack, and water-bearing strata accessed by the well immediately after development operations are completed.

    The various methods described above are sometimes used in combination.

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