Water Well Standards


Section 11. Disinfection and Other Sanitary Requirements.

  1. Disinfection.Note 13 All wells producing water for domestic use (i.e., drinking or food processing) shall be disinfected following construction, repair, or when work is done on the pump, before the well is placed in service.

  2. Gravel. Gravel used in gravel-packed wells shall come from clean sources and should be thoroughly washed before being placed in the well. Gravel purchased from a supplier should be washed at the pit or plant prior to delivery to the well site.

  3. During placement of the gravel in the annular space disinfectants (usually calcium hypochlorite in tablet or granular form) shall be added to the gravel at a uniform rate (two tablets per cubic foot or one pound of the granular form per cubic yard).

  4. Lubricants. Mud and water used as a drilling lubricant shall be free from sewage contamination. Oil and water used for lubrication of the pump and pump bearing shall also be free from contamination.

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