Water Well Standards


Section 14. Well Development.

Development, redevelopment, or reconditioning of a well shall be performed with care, by method that will not damage the well structure or destroy natural barriers to the movement of poor quality water, pollutants, and contaminants.

Acceptable well development, redevelopment, or reconditioning methods include:
  • Overpumping;
  • Surging or swabbing by use of 'plungers';
  • Surging with compressed air;
  • Backwashing or surging by alternately starting and stopping a pump;
  • Jetting with water;
  • Introducing specifically-formulated chemicals into a well; and,
  • Combinations of the above.

Hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracturing) is sometimes an acceptable well development and redevelopment method when properly performed. Good quality water shall be used in hydrofracturing. The water shall be disinfected prior to introduction into a well. Material used as 'propping' agents shall be free of pollutants and contaminants, shall be compatible with the use of a well, and shall be thoroughly washed and disinfected prior to placement in a well.

Development, redevelopment, or reconditioning by use of specially designed explosive charges is in some cases, another acceptable development method. Explosives shall be used with special care to prevent damage to the well structure and to any natural barriers to the movement of poor-quality water, pollutants, and contaminants. Explosives shall only be used by properly- trained personnel.

Wells subjected to chemicals or explosives during development, redevelopment, or reconditioning operations shall be thoroughly pumped to remove such agents and residues immediately after the completion of operations. Chemicals, water, and other wastes removed from the well shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable local, State, and federal requirements. The enforcing agency should be contacted regarding the proper disposal of waste.

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