Water Well Standards


Section 15. Water Quality Sampling.Note 18

The requirements to be followed with respect to water quality sampling are:

  1. Community Water Supply Wells and Certain Industrial Wells. The water from all community water supply wells and industrial wells which provide water for use in food processing shall be sampled immediately following development and disinfection, and appropriate analysis made. Rules and regulations governing the constituents to be tested, type of testing, etc, for community water supply systems are contained in Chapter 15, "Domestic Water Quality and Monitoring", of Title 22, California Administrative Code. Water analysis shall be performed by a laboratory certified by the California Department of Health Services. A copy of the laboratory analysis shall be forwarded to the California Department of Health Services or to the local health department. Approval of the enforcing agency must be obtained before the well is put into use.

    Except where there is free discharge from the pump (that is, there is no direct connection to the water delivery system such as to a sump), a sample tap (see Figure 7) shall be provided on the discharge line so that water representative of the water in the well may be drawn for laboratory analysis. The tap shall be located so as to prevent back siphonage to the pump discharge when the pump is shut off (e.g., on the system side of the check valve).

  2. Other Types of Wells. To determine the quality of water produced by a new well it should be sampled immediately following construction and development. Appropriate analyses shall be made based upon the intended uses of the water.

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