Water Well Standards


Section 2. Application to Type of Well.

Except as prescribed in Sections 3 and 4 (following) these standards shall apply to all types of wells described in Section 1. Before a change of use is made of a well, compliance shall be made with the requirements for the new use as specified herein.Note 7

Section 3. Exemption Due to Unusual Conditions.

If the enforcing agency finds that compliance with any of the requirements prescribed herein is impractical for a particular location because of unusual conditions or if compliance would result in construction of an unsatisfactory well, the enforcing agency may waive compliance and prescribe alternative requirements which are "equal to" these standards in terms of protection obtained.

Section 4. Exclusions.

The standards prescribed in Part II, "Construction", do not apply to exploration and test holes. However, the provisions of Section 7 "Reports" (following) and Part III, "Well Destruction", do apply to these holes.

Springs are excluded from these standards.Note 8

Section 5. Special Standards.

  1. In locations where existing geologic or groundwater conditions require standards more restrictive than those described herein, such special additional standards may be prescribed by the enforcing agency.

  2. Special standards are necessary for the construction of recharge or injection wells,Note 9 horizontal wells and other unusual types of wells. Design of these wells is subject to the approval of the enforcing agency.

Section 6. Well Drillers.

The construction, alteration, or destruction of wells shall be performed by contractors licensed in accordance with the provisions of the Contractors License Law (Chapter 9, Division 3, of the Business and Professions Code) unless exempted by that act.

Section 7. Reports.

Reports concerning the construction, alteration, or destruction of water wells shall be filed with the California Department of Water Resources in accordance with the provisions of Sections 13750 through 13755 (Division 7, Chapter 10, Article 3) of the California Water Code.Note 10

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