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For Regional Offices and DWR Headquarters contact information, please refer to Regional Contacts for Well Completion Reports.

To locate and contact a well permitting agency, please refer to the Well Permitting Agencies page.

Well Completion Report Form - DWR 188 (PDF 437KB) - scroll down to access other forms for well driller, water well contractors, and well owners.


DWR is responsible for maintaining a file of well completion reports, which must be submitted whenever a driller drills or bores a well. This is a valuable resource and service to landowners who want to find out about subsurface geologic conditions on their property or to determine particular well construction details for their water wells. The information is also valuable to researchers trying to better understand the groundwater basin.

How to obtain copies of Well Completion Reports on file with DWR

California Water Code Section 13752 prohibits distributing well completion reports to anyone but the landowner, his or her designee, or a government agency without the owner's permission. Thus, in order to receive a copy of a Well Completion Report, a Release of Information form must be submitted. The Release of Information is also important because it provides critical information that is needed to help retrieve your Well Completion Report from our database. Please select from one of the Well Completion Report Request forms below:

Well Completion Report Request-Owner Form (PDF 21.9KB)
If you are a well owner and wish to obtain a copy of the well completion report for your well or you wish to release the report to others for inspection, you must complete the Well Completion Report Request-Owner Form.

Well Completion Report Release Agreement-Agency Study Form (PDF 21.9KB)
If you are acting as an authorized agent for a governmental agency and are conducting a study you must complete the Well Completion Report Request Release Agreement-Agency Study Form.

Well Completion Report Release Agreement- Environmental Cleanup Study Form (PDF 22.9KB)
If you are conducting an environmental cleanup study within 2 miles of a known unauthorized release of a contaminant, you must complete the Well Completion Report Request Release Agreement-Environmental Cleanup Study form. The study must be conducted under order of a regulatory agency. The regulatory agency may submit their request on their agency letterhead, but the letter must contain all the information requested on the Well Completion Report Release Agreement-Environmental Cleanup Study form.

After you have completed one of the above forms and obtained the appropriate signatures, fax or mail the form to the appropriate Regional Office. To determine the appropriate regional office, please refer to Regional Contacts for Well Completion Reports.

To quickly respond to your request, it is important that you provide as much information on the release of information form as possible. Well Completion Reports are stored in our database using the Public Land Survey System (Township, Range, and Section), with a cross reference to property ownership at time of drilling. Many of the older Well Completion Reports can only be located by providing the property address and the owners name at the time the well was drilled. You may research the history of property ownership at the county assessor's office.

At minimum, please provide:
• Assessors Parcel Number (APN),
• Street address of the property,
• Owners name when the well was drilled (or a list of possible owners),
• Your contact information.

Requests for Well Completion Reports are numerous and the availability of staff is limited. Priority in responding to requests will be based on the completeness of the information provided. You can greatly reduce the response time associated with your request by providing the necessary information listed above.

Other Well Forms for Well Drillers, Water Well Contractors, and Well Owners

To protect the State's groundwater supplies, the Legislature authorized the establishment of well standards (Department of Water Resources Bulletins 74-81 and 74-90) and regulations pertaining to the construction, alteration, and destruction of wells. California Water Code Section 13750.5 requires that those responsible for the construction, alteration, or destruction of water wells, cathodic protection wells, groundwater monitoring wells, or geothermal heat exchange wells possess a C-57 Water Well Contractor's License. This license is issued by the Contractors State License Board. California Water Code Section 13751 requires that anyone who constructs, alters, or destroys a water well, cathodic protection well, groundwater monitoring well, or geothermal heat exchange well must file with the Department of Water Resources a report of completion within 60 days of the completion of the work.

Well Completion Report Form - DWR 188 (PDF 437KB)
The free Adobe Reader may be used to view and complete this form. However, software must be purchased to complete, save, and reuse a saved form.

How to Fill Out a Well Completion Report-Instructional Pamphlet (PDF 887 KB)
The California Water Code (Section 13700) recognizes that improperly constructed and abandoned water wells can be a source of groundwater contamination and a threat to public health. The purpose of this instruction pamphlet is to assist Water Well Contractors with filling out a Well Completion Report (WCR) to meet the requirements of California law. The Water Code requires Water Well Contractors file a WCR form with the California Department of Water Resources (Section 13751).

Well Data (PDF 249KB)
Well owners are encouraged to maintain records of their wells. The Well Data Form is a form on which well owners can record vital statistics about their well for their personal records.

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