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Central Valley Salmonid Project Work Team

The Central Valley Salmonid Project Work Team coordinates Chinook salmon and steelhead research, monitoring and management activities in the Central Valley system. The team facilitates communication and information exchange among the agencies and stakeholders through the organization of meetings, workshops, and seminars. The team also provides technical advice, informal peer review, and recommendations for management of Central Valley salmonids.

As needed, the team establishes technical working groups (Project Work Teams), to coordinate monitoring and management activities related to individual salmonid races or technical issues. These working groups currently include: Upper Sacramento River Monitoring, Genetics, Winter-run, Escapement Monitoring, Juvenile Monitoring, Steelhead, and Vernalis Adaptive Management Plan (VAMP).

Team members currently include staff from the California Departments of Fish and Wildlife and Water Resources, East Bay Municipal Utility District, Metropolitan Water District, Central Valley Project Water Association, National Marine Fisheries Service, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, Bureau of Reclamation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The team meets approximately bi-monthly.

Meeting notes of the Central Valley Salmonid Project Work Team are available in MS Word format.

Contact Information:
Russ Belmer, CDFW
Phone: (916) 323-9583