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  • Scientific Techniques to better understand fish populations (Video Here)

    • Since 1959 the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has used a combination of scientific techniques to better understand fish populations and the general health of Northern California waterways. Examples include tagging sturgeon, trawling the Delta for smelt, and counting salmon carcasses. CDFW uses data from these strategies and others to help influence operations of the State Water Project and Central Valley Project, ultimately helping decision makers determine water flows. This short video highlights these operations along the Sacramento River and into the Delta, including a smelt survey conducted by Environmental Scientist Felipe la Luz.
      (posted 3/13/17)

  • New IEP Lead Scientist - Steve Culberson

    • We are pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. Steve Culberson as the new Lead Scientist of the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP). The Bay-Delta Office of the US Fish and Wildlife Service is working closely with the Delta Stewardship Council to transition Steve from his former position as Senior Ecologist at the Service into his new role with the IEP. He will be an essential member of the Delta science community and is housed at the Delta Stewardship Council, helping implement the vision of ‘One Delta, One Science.’  As a long-time participant in, and user of, IEP-related data collection and science, Steve is excited to deepen his involvement in the implementation of the IEP Science Agenda. He brings a researcher’s, science reviewer’s, field collector’s, and systems modeler’s perspective to the job, and relishes the opportunity to represent a robust IEP capability for creating and enhancing our Bay-Delta science enterprise. As an estuarine ecologist with a landscape processes orientation, he is thrilled about contributing to an adaptable, modern ecosystem monitoring and research collective, in which IEP will play a prominent role.
      (posted 11/17/16)