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The IEP achieves its mission through science cooperation, collaboration, and coordination among its member agencies and with other groups. Much of the IEP's science cooperation, collaboration, and coordination takes place in IEP teams. The IEP stakeholder group and IEP technical teams which the IEP calls "Project Work Teams" (PWTs) are open to the public.

PWTs focus on specific research and monitoring topics of interest. They are formed to organize new studies, to review study plans and proposals, to write scientific papers and reports, and to promote collaboration among different groups working on the topic of interest. New PWTs are proposed to the IEP Management Team and approved by the IEP Agency Coordinators Team. PWTs are terminated when there is no longer a sufficient need or intererst in the topic.

  • Project Work Teams:
  • Science Advisory Group
  • Central Valley Fish Facility Review Team
  • Organization Structure
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  • IEP Project Work Team Proposal Template