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Integrated Regional Water Management Grants

Stormwater Flood Management Grants

Stormwater Flood Management Grants are designed for projects that manage stormwater runoff to reduce flooding and are ready, or nearly ready, to proceed to implementation. Projects must be consistent with applicable Regional Water Quality Control Board Basin Plans, not be part of the State Plan of Flood Control and yield multiple benefits which may include groundwater recharge, water quality improvements, ecosystem restoration benefits, and reduction of instream erosion and sedimentation.


Program Manager – Zaffar Eusuff (916) 651-9266 or email at
Project Manager – Laura McLean (916) 651-9212 or email at

Proposition 1E Stormwater Flood Management Grant

DWR's IRWM Grant Program is designed to encourage integrated regional management of water resources, including flood management, and provide funding for projects that support integrated water management planning and implementation.

Round 2 Final Awards

Ten proposals are awarded a total of $91,822,863 in grant funds. Successful applicants will receive commitment letters in the near future containing information for the development and execution of the Grant Agreements.

  • Round 2 P1E SWFM Grant Awards [PDF] (2 MB)
  • Rounds 1 and 2 SWFM Grant Awards [PDF] (4.9 MB)
  • Public Comments submitted on the draft funding recommendations are posted on the Public Comments page.

Proposal evaluations for each of the grant applications are provided below.

drop down list Proposition 1E Round 2 Stormwater Flood Management Proposal Evaluations and Draft Funding Recommendations (Double Click to Open)

Round 2 Proposal Solicitation Package

The Proposition 1E Stormwater Flood Management Round 2 Proposal Solicitation Package application period closed on February 1, 2013. DWR received 31 grant applications requesting approximately $210 million in grant funding for projects totaling approximately $508 million. Please see the PDF below for complete list of applications submitted, grant amount requested, and total project cost. If you have questions regarding this grant solicitation, please contact Laura McLean at (916) 651-9212 or

  • Applications Submitted Summary [PDF] (88 KB)
  • Final P1E Round 2 Stormwater Flood Management PSP [PDF] (900 KB)
    • 1E Round 2 Fillable Tables [EXCEL] (124 KB)
  • Guidelines