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2009 Water Legislation
State Legislature passes historic package to solve California's water crisis
Early this morning the California state Legislature passed an historic package of bills and a bond proposal that are designed to both ensure a reliable and clean water supply for future generations, but also restore the ecologically sensitive areas of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The bills will also create a Delta Council, a Delta Plan, stricter groundwater monitoring and enforcement of illegal diversions, more ambitious water conservation policy, and water recycling and conservation programs. (11/04/2009)
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Preliminary estimates of funding available by region for 2010 water bond
DWR has compiled a preliminary breakdown of estimated funding available by region as stated in the Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010. Californians will vote on the $11.14 billion bond in November 2010. (11/24/2009)
 Estimated Regional Bond Funding Breakdown...
SBX 7-7, The Water Conservation Act of 2009
SBX 7-7, The Water Conservation Act of 2009, creates a framework for future planning and actions by urban and agricultural water suppliers to reduce California's water use. The law requires the development of agricultural water management plans and requires urban water suppliers to reduce statewide per capita water consumption by 20 percent by 2020. For more information on implementation of this bill, visit the SBX 7-7 Website.