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Stock Footage and PSA's for Media
Video footage of Northern California reservoirs is currently available for public use at DWR's ftp site. To obtain high definition and standard definition footage, log on to with ftp client software. Type "anonymous" in the host field. At the site, scroll to and open the "PAO Video Downloads" folder. Here, there will be folders containing HD footage and SD footage. Below are Windows Media Video samples of the variety of shots available for download. If needed, other water related video can be made available upon request.
Lake Oroville-2008
"Oroville 2008" - Footage of Lake Oroville at 33% capacity.

Lake Oroville-2005
"Oroville Full 2005" - Various shots of Lake Oroville at full capacity.

Folsom Lake-2008/2009
"Folsom 2008/2009" - Ground shots of Folsom Lake in January 2009 and an aerial shot taken January 2008.

San Luis-2008
"San Luis 2008" - Various shots of San Luis Reservoir taken spring and summer 2008.

Dry Ditch
"Dry Ditch" - Shots of a dry cracked earthen canal in the Suisun Marsh, Fall 2008.

Additional Drought Videos
video title
"Drought Survival in California" - 1987-1992 California survived the worst drought of the 20th Century by working together. In this video you'll see how the State Water Project successfully operated during the drought and observe the exemplary effort Californians made to cut water consumption.

A Good Reflection video
"Conservation Shines in A Good Reflection" - "A Good Reflection," is a thirty-second Public Service Announcement that helps create awareness of how vital water is to everything. It emphasizes that our future depends on our ability to stretch our water supply, and its goal is to encourage all Californians to conserve and protect the water we have in our care. Water agencies interested in sponsoring airtime can have their name appear in the announcement's animated tag line. DWR's Public Affairs Office produced this HDTV spot. Take a look.

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"Mission Control" - Conserve water by keeping your sprinklers in good repair.  :15 second Public Service Announcement

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"Do You Know What Your Sprinklers are up to Today?" Conserve water by adjusting your timer to match the season.  :15 second Public Service Announcement

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rushing water
"Water Makes California a Cool Place to Live." Use water wisely - It's a way of life in California.  :30 second Public Service Announcement

"Wild, Restless, and Sporadic" - Use Water Wisely. It's a way of life in California.  :20 second Public Service Announcement

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