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San Diego, Calif. – The Department of Water Resources (DWR) presented its Climate Science Service Awards at a workshop this week sponsored by DWR and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on sub-seasonal to seasonal climate forecasting. The purpose of the awards is to recognize ongoing assistance provided by researchers who have been working closely with DWR on climate science projects. (11/07/2017)
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San Luis reservoir San Luis Reservoir Algal Bloom Advisory Now at ‘Caution’
SACRAMENTO – The Department of Water Resources (DWR) changed the algal bloom advisory for San Luis Reservoir from Warning to Caution today based on two consecutive weeks of tests that revealed lower toxicity levels at Basalt Boat Launch. Caution signs are being posted at the reservoir in Merced County. A Warning advisory had been in effect since September 15. O’Neill Forebay remains free of algal bloom advisories. (11/03/2017)
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Soillway repair progress DWR Meets November 1 Milestone
SACRAMENTO – The Department of Water Resources (DWR) today announced it has met its goal of repairing and reconstructing the main, gated flood control spillway at Lake Oroville by Nov. 1, 2017 to handle flows of 100,000 cubic-feet per second this winter. (11/01/2017)
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newslogo Public Reminded to “Be Flood Ready” Before Winter Storms
SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today commemorated California Flood Preparedness Week by encouraging residents to prepare for flood season. “Extreme weather and natural disasters are a way of life in California,” stated Jon Ericson, acting chief of the state’s Division of Flood Management. “Taking the right steps now can mean all the difference to you and your family if flooding occurs.” (10/23/2017)
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Oroville Reduction DWR To Continue Outflow Reduction - Feb. 17 PM
Oroville, Ca.-At 1:00 PM this afternoon, the Department of Water Resources will once more begin reducing outflow from the Oroville Dam flood control spillway incrementally from 80,000 cfs to 70,000 cfs to support the removal of debris from the diversion pool located near the spillway. (02/17/2017)
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