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1:  Main office
Main office Grassy area Picnic table under the tree Display sign along fish ladder Toward processing building Bridge over fish ladder Holding tank Processing building Processing area Center of building Egg hatching trays Rear holding tanks map marker:Main office
Feather River Fish Hatchery Logo
Photo: welcome image
  Welcome to the Feather River Salmon and Steelhead Hatchery operated by the Department of Fish and Game and funded by the California Department of Water Resources. This panoramic book allows you to explore the hatchery and an adjacent barrier dam. You can go to a location by clicking any green dot on the map, or click the tram car below to take a tour that follows fish from the river to the hatchery.

The images are panoramic. Click on the left or right side of the main viewing window to pan the image in 360 degrees!

image panning
When an audio headphone symbol appears in the window, click it to hear ambient sounds recorded in up to four directions at each location. audio symbol
the tour tramThis tram is waiting just for you! The tour follows the flow of fish from the Barrier Dam to the Hatchery. Click the tram to begin the tour.