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In January 2008, the San Joaquin River Management Program was retired until a need arises to resume the program; click here to see the formal announcement. The program began with the creation of Assembly Bill 3603 in September 1990. The bill was created to address water quality problems in the San Joaquin River and sunset on January 1, 1995. The bill created the San Joaquin River Management Program Advisory Council and Action Team. AB 3603 required the program to identify actions which can be taken to benefit legitimate uses of the San Joaquin River system. The San Joaquin River Management Plan was developed to address this task. In September of 1994 Assembly Bill 3048 extended the program until January 1, 2000. When AB 3048 sunset, the Advisory Council and Action Team continued to meet until the San Joaquin River Restoration Program began.

For over eighteen years, SJRMP provided a forum for local governments, environmental organizations, agriculture, business, industry, recreation interests, water rights holders, landowners, and other groups to address problems on the San Joaquin River. Discussions focused on identifying, planning and supporting projects and programs that address water quality, water supply, flood protection, fisheries, recreation and wildlife on the San Joaquin River system. Archived meeting documents are provided in the table below.

SJRMP Documents

Due to the size of these documents the links below will open a new page with sections of the reports for download in Adobe PDF format.

This plan was prepared as stipulated in Assembly Bill 3603. It was prepared by the Advisory Council and Action Team of SJRMP. The plan describes and recommends specific projects, studies, and acquisitions that will help revive and protect the health of the San Joaquin River system.

In recognition of the importance of restoring healthy salmon production levels in concert with the other beneficial uses in the San Joaquin drainage the SJRMP Advisory Council developed this plan.

SJRMP Archived Meeting Documents

Advisory Council Meetings
Action Team Meetings