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Welcome to the Department of Water Resources Small Business and DVBE Program Home Page.

We hope you find the website both informative and useful. DWR recognizes the vital importance and impact that the small business and DVBE communities have as a driving force for economic success on California's local, regional and statewide economies. For this reason DWR has designed a robust and interactive program to enhance opportunities for small, micro and DVBE businesses. Through innovation and creativity DWR continuously works to achieve both small and DVBE business program mandates through training, education, and outreach programs within the DWR and the small and DVBE business sectors.

As mandated through Governor's Executive Orders S-02-06 and D-43-01, DWR has appointed a fully dedicated Small Business/DVBE Manager to assist you with your program request, question or concern.

Website Resources

Our website is designed to help the small business or DVBE business owner by providing various links, resources and web tools to help increase your business visibility and opportunities in our services, IT goods/services, construction, or commodities sectors.

You will find links related to SB/DVBE certification, DWR advertised bids, legislation, community event information, and the Infrastructure Bond Act of 2006 (Prop 1E and 84) and, most importantly, a link the DWR SB/DVBE Contractor Information Table which offers the opportunity for SB/DVBE firms to put their business name on the DWR bidders List. Finally, there are additional links taking you to the California Natural Resources Agency (good for looking up DWR sister-departments), DGS BidSync, the Federal Small Business Administration and the Governor's small business portal: GoED - the Governor's Office on Economic Development.

Doing Business with DWR

DWR spends nearly $300 million dollars annually in the private sector through solicitations to purchase goods and services for commodities, personal services, IT goods and services and State Contract Act construction services to support the State Water Project. In addition to the Sacramento Headquarters office, DWR has five Field Divisions located in Northern, Central and Southern California and each office needs various services and commodities.

TThe following links provide a list of services and commodities frequently needed by the Department; and under Commodities link, you will find a list of both Field Division and District Office staff contact information to assist with more direct outreach efforts to these locations.

DWR Commodities
DWR Services
DWR State Contract Act Construction Services

If you have questions or need assistance related to either program, please contact:

Lorie Hall, SB/DVBE Advocate
Phone: (916) 651-9705
Fax: (916) 653-6476