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2000 NODOS Progress Report

Sites Reservoir Area

Below is the Progress Report for the NODOS.

NODOS Progress Report

Appendix A (Botanical Resources Report) Appendix B (Wetland Delineation Field Studies Report) Appendix C (Survey for the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle
at Four Proposed Offstream Storage Reservoir Locations)
Appendix D (Fish Survey Summary) Appendix E (Amphibian and Reptile Survey Summary) Appendix F (Sacramento River Diversion and Its Potential Impacts) Appendix H (Water Exchange Element) Appendix I (Road Relocation Studies) Appendix J (Recreation Requirements and Opportunities: Sites Reservoir Alternative) Appendix K (Survey for State and Federally Listed Avian Species at Four Proposed Offstream Storage Reservoir Locations) Appendix L (Water Supply and Operation Studies) Appendix M (Sites Offstream Storage Project, Power Cost Study) Appendix N (Sites Reservoir Conveyance Study) Appendix O (Fault and Seismic Hazards Investigation) Appendix P (Sites and Colusa Reservoir Projects, Construction Materials Sampling and Testing) Appendix Q (Sites and Colusa Reservoir Foundation Studies) Appendix S (Mammal Surveys)

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