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Datalogger Upgrade Project

DWR’s Division of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) currently maintains 16 automated water quality monitoring stations located throughout the SWP. Several of these autostations contained outdated dataloggers that did not allow for data automation, easy programming, or functional expandability.

As of November 2016, the O&M Water Quality Section replaced the last of the outdated dataloggers. All 16 autostation dataloggers now provide automatic QA/QC'd data uploads to the public via California's online environmental database, CDEC, thus allowing many state water contractors, stakeholders, and interested parties access to the SWP O&M Water Quality data any time.

Data Archive Project

O&M's water quality lab data from 4/3/1962 to 4/15/1998 has been added to the Water Data Library (WDL) website. This long-term data archive project involved the review of over 9,000 hard copy field data sheets and data entry and verification prior to uploading the data into the WDL in the fall of 2013. The data ranges across many constituents and locations throughout the SWP.

DWR Publications

O&M water quality reports may be found through the DWR Publications web page. From the Publications page, click the "Publications & Video Repository" link, then choose the topic "Water Quality" for a listing of publications.

Aquatic Weed and Algae Control in the SWP

DWR applied copper compounds to the South Bay Aqueduct on May 10, 2017 to control algae. More information on this program may be found on the O&M Water Quality web page.

South Old River Salinity Transect Study published September 21, 2012. Click here to access the report.

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