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Water Quality Summary Reports

DWR's Division of Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Water Quality Section publishes State Water Project (SWP) Water Quality Summary reports that include water quality data from automated water quality monitoring stations, or "autostations," located throughout the SWP. For convenience, the summary reports have been divided by area. SWP flow volumes may be obtained from the SWP Operations Control Office.

North Bay Aqueduct

South Bay Aqueduct

California Aqueduct

For 2011 through 2016 turn-in data, refer to the O&M Pump-In Project Monitoring page.

Current Monthly Water Quality Summary Report for the State Water Contractors Board and OME Committee meetings

Disinfection By-Product Precursor Summary Report

O&M Station Groups in the Water Data Library (WDL)

The O&M Field Divisions maintain more than 40 standard grab sampling stations along the SWP and these sampling sites are routinely monitored according to this sampling schedule. The data from these sampling events are provided on the WDL and Station Groups are a quick way to find results from a collection of sampling locations. Use the links below to quickly retrieve O&M grab sample data from the WDL using predefined Station Groups.

DWR SWP Water Quality Publications

For hard copies of past O&M Water Quality Summary Reports, Contact Us.

Other O&M water quality reports may be found on the DWR Publicatons web page using the link to "Publications & Video Repository." Choose the "State Water Project" topic and then choose the "Water Quality" topic for a listing of publications.