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Bulletin 132 Appendix D
"Costs of Recreation and Fish and Wildlife Enhancement" 1969-2001

Bulletin 132, Appendix D, was published annually from 1969 through 2001 under Water Code Section 11912. Section 11912 directed DWR to annually report to the legislature on the costs allocated to recreation and fish and wildlife enhancement for each State Water Project facility. DWR was also required to submit these cost allocations to the State departments of Boating and Waterways, Parks and Recreation, and Fish and Game for written comments.

In October 2001, SB 1191 amended Section 11912 so that DWR was no longer required to prepare this report. Since then, cost allocation data related to recreation and fish and wildlife have been reported in Chapter 13 of Bulletin 132, beginning with B132-02.

The Adobe PDF documents below have been scanned from paper copies of Appendix D. They are bookmarked and text-searchable.